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Passé simple is a monthly magazine dealing with the French-speaking part of Switzerland’s past. Its vocation is to address all audiences and to invite a large number of specialists from all kinds of backgrounds. Apolitical and non-confessional, it aims to be both instructive and pleasant. It deals with various subjects, from the origin of wine in Valais to the fate of General Dufour, from the recipe of the Malakoff to the creation of the canton of Jura. The periodical devotes a large part to the history of art, mentalities, literature, wars, science, economics and politics. Passé simple also deals with events that ocurred from prehistory to the year 2000. The magazine favors narrative over demonstration. Its baseline says: « It happened close to yours, but slightly before. »

I was commissioned to illustrate their publication which talks about Empress Sissi who was such an inspiring woman. She died in Geneva.
I learned so much from her and the devotion she put through her actions to the benefits of the next generations. What a lady! What an honor I’ve been able to « talk about her » in my own way.

If you wish to know more about Passé simple: www.passesimple.ch