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I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised at the French border, which allowed me to benefit from both the Swiss and French culture.
I currently live in Lausanne, a pretty and sporty city built on three hills along the fabulous Lac Léman.

I’ve been inspired by architecture, lines, and street photography since an early age.
With an architect as a father, his mother into fashion, and my other grandmother owner of a book store, precision and aesthetics have shaped my eye while books were guiding my imagination.
I love shapes, lines, the feel of paper and the scent of glue.

I’m currently active as an interior designer. I love to understand people’s needs and help them find their own solution. Therefore, my clients well-being is more important than following the current trends.

I came to collage through the guidance of a great friend of mine who I now think about every time I cut and paste!

As a perfectionist, my mind is constantly full of concepts and goals! My brain is a very active idea generator. Collage calms it. When it comes to bringing ideas to life, unless my project is 100% conceptualised, built and approved in my head, I won’t go. Of course, life does not work this way. You need a first step and it is rarely perfect.

With collage I found a way to avoid goals.
I don’t know what kind of images I’m going to find.
I have no idea where I want to go and suddenly, by assembling elements, magic happens and something pops up that requests no more action from me, that appears from nowhere, complete, existing on its own.

Collage is a trip through the world of images. I chase them in my daily routine. Each step out of my house is a new opportunity to collect new materials that will either match some I found earlier or inspire me for new artwork.

Interior design and fashion magazines, flyers, but also second hand books offer me their content that I store both in my cupboards and mind drawers until they speak to me for some unexpected reason.

I have no will to ask for any specific answer to my artwork but a smile or a crush.

I strongly believe so many talented collage artists exist but so few are known.
I wish for this art to be brought up to the front scene.
Here’s my contribution, when I stop thinking.